3 Ways to Maximize Your Facebook Organic Reach

Have you been seeing a significant drop in your Facebook Reach on your Facebook Page?

Don’t worry, it’s not just you. It’s happening to many businesses and brands, with Fan Pages with over 500,000 likes having the lowest organic reach. In this post, we’ll teach you some content strategy tips to increase your post exposure. First, let’s talk about the News Feed algorithm.

Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm

Facebook constantly updates their News Feed Algorithm to make Facebook user experience appealing for all of their 1.65 billion users. By doing that, it’s not going to bombard users with ads and content from brands that they liked, reducing the reach of many Facebook Pages. Content shared by your friends and family will have the most weight amongst your News Feed. The algorithm takes a few factors to account when deciding what to show in a user’s News Feed:

  • Who posted the content
  • What type of content is it (Pictures, Videos, Text, etc.)
  • When the content was posted
  • Engagement on the post

There are many other factors that goes into consideration for the content that is posted in your News Feed. One that you may notice is the type of content you engage with. Think about it. Do you engage with a lot of cat videos? You probably noticed that there’s a heck of a lot more cat videos in your News Feed now right? If you like sports and watch those videos or engage with those posts, you’re telling Facebook that you find that type of content entertaining or informative. They will then use that information to show more of those types of contents.

Now, knowing this, the question is what can brands do to increase their exposure?

1. Optimizing Your Content

How do you optimize your content? You want to be sure that your content makes people want to Like, Comment, View the Video, or Share with their Friends. As a brand, Facebook sees this high engagement as validation that people will find it useful, entertaining, or informative. Therefore, you’ll have a higher chance of reaching a greater number of people, even if they don’t “Like” your page.

The best way to do this is to utilize headlines, images, and videos (and their thumbnails) to make the Facebook user want to stop and see your post. Video content is constantly driving the most engagement, so be sure to use video content as part of your content strategy. Another tip for videos is to include subtitles. You can easily create these within YouTube and download the .srt file that Facebook needs for uploading. Many viewers of your video will be watching without video, so it’s beneficial to have the videos spread the message to those users as well.

2. Respond to your Fans who are Engaging with You

People are taking the time out of their day to engage and respond to your post. The LEAST you can do is to acknowledge them and engage with them. Thank them for commenting on your post and tagging other friends. Thank them for sharing your post. Answer any questions that they may have had within the post. It’s important to do it with anybody and everybody that is engaging with your content. If somebody shares your post, even better! Your reach will increase significantly within their friends! I’d suggest going to their page and “liking” their shared post or even better, using the “Love” reaction!

Just remember, a lot of fans who engage with your content WANT to be heard. The more you engage with them, the more likely they are to engage again. Keep in mind, Facebook loves to reward posts with a lot of engagement. Keep the engagement going and you’ll increase your reach.

3. Videos, Videos, Videos!

Video content is becoming the King of content. Facebook LOVES video content. After all, they did start encouraging users to use Facebook Live right? For those of you not familiar, Facebook Live allows users and businesses to be “LIVE” to all of their friends/following. This is HUGE for businesses! Think about it. Let’s say you have 100,000 followers on your Facebook Page. Your average post may reach 20,000 people or so depending on your content. If you do a Facebook Live session, ALL of your followers will get a notification on Desktop as well as Mobile that you’re currently LIVE (exception is if they turned off the notifications for Facebook Live). This is great to push your content out to people who are following your page! If a user can’t see you Live, it’ll live on your business page and they can see it later. This is a great way to get content out and truly engage with your fans. While you’re live, your followers can ask you questions during this broadcast!


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