5 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

Are you struggling to get engagement on Facebook?

Why isn’t it as easy as it used to be?

It’s not you. You’re not crazy. Facebook is limiting your organic reach more and more. In fact, the algorithm is now so restricted that when you make a post, there’s a high probability that your own friends and family will barely see it.

Yes, you heard that correctly. 

But that’s not fair!

There must be a way around this.

…and there is. 

Actually there are 5 ways around this inconvenient problem.

  1. Quality over quantity– This wasn’t always the case. Back in the earlier days of Facebook, the algorithm actually rewarded massive content creators, even if the quality of the content was subpar because it meant more content was circulating on the platform. But as Facebook became more and more popular, they realized that rewarding people for flooding the platform with low-quality content was problematic. So, they adjusted the algorithm. Now, if you post content and your audience barely engages with it (likes, comments, & reactions), the next time you post content, Facebook will show it to a lot less people. This is because Facebook prioritizes user experience and measures it with engagement.
  2. Look at your facebook insights– Facebook will tell you exactly the type of people who like your content, who engage with your content, the time of day you should be posting, and so much more! You should be checking your data regularly to improve your engagement and to get to know your fans. Now, once you understand the demographics and behaviors of your top fans, you can start to segment out your content to them specifically. This guarantees an engagement boost because you’ve already checked your insights and know what your fans want!
  3. Optimize Your Timing– When is the best time to post? When are you most likely to get high engagement? When is the least amount of content that is being published in your space? These are all questions you should be asking yourself when it comes to posting because timing can be everything. You should be optimizing for a time when most people will be online but not a lot of content is being published. Less competition means you stand out by default!
  4. Utilize Facebook Messenger– 1.3 billion people engage through Facebook Messenger. If you’re not already utilizing this astoundingly popular tool, you’re missing out on a gigantic portion of your audience. Most people will use messenger to pitch or sell. But the possibilities are truly endless, don’t pigeonhole yourself! You can use messenger to bring people back to your site. You can also use messenger to bring people to your page to like and comment on a post you just created. That simple strategy can easily double or triple your engagement depending on how you implement it! Get creative. 
  5. Be Consistent and Provide Value– There is a huge difference between posting content that you as a creator likes and posting content that your audience finds valuable. Make sure you know the difference. It’s okay to make a mistake and post something that your audience does not like, just do not continue to keep posting that kind of content. This means checking your insights so you can know your audience better than they know themselves.

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