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We love seeing results and we make sure that we know all the latest strategies to ensure your success. We will utilize strategies that are proven to work as we’ve seen through our several campaigns with a variety of clients. We’ll work with you to create a Marketing Campaign that aligns with your brand and target audience.

Cloud Gate Media - Communication

Clear Communication

When working with us, we promise you clear and responsive communication. Responsiveness and clear communication of goals will be the key to a successful campaign. We’ll always have a dedicated person that you can reach at any time. We always offer a free consultation to start as we want you to be comfortable with us before working with us.

Cloud Gate Media - Strategy


Every successful campaign needs a well-thought out plan of action. We’ll work with you to discuss your goals so we can create a roadmap towards your success. We understand that each campaign is different so we’ll thoroughly explain our process and our strategy to reach these goals.

Cloud Gate Media - Implementation


Execution is where all the magic happens! This is where all the fun is. We’ll make sure that our strategy goes according to plan. If there are any hiccups or changes in plan, we’ll be there to make sure we adjust everything accordingly so we align ourselves towards our goal.

Cloud Gate Media - Results

Measure Results

Results. Results. Results. This is what us Marketers live for! Data. Data that proves that our roadmap that we created early on was a success! Here, we’ll break down all the data and make sense of it. We’ll explain this data thoroughly and provide some suggestions for future campaigns.


Paid Social has become one of the cornerstones in Digital Marketing. We’ve all seen the diminishing organic reach within all of the Social Media Channels. You’ve got Thousands of followers, yet only hundreds see your post. Paid Social has been increasing in popularity over the past few years and Facebook & Instagram’s targeting has become very refined.

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Social Media Marketing has become increasingly important to businesses as many of their customers are on various Social Networks. We’ll help build your brand’s following organically using proven and up-to-date strategies.

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Your website is your Digital Business Card. It represents your brand and what you do. We’ll help you to create a responsive and beautiful website that will drive your audience to do what you want.

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The truth is…Email Marketing has one of the best ROI in the Digital Marketing World. The problem? Building that Email List and building Email Campaigns that convert. We’ll build out workflows to help simplify your process so you can market to your customers.

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Having a new, beautiful website means nothing if you don’t have any traffic going to it! We’ll set you up with all the best practices to get your website visible in the Search Engines without having to pay for ads.

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Already have a Marketing Team? We’ll work with your Team to make sure your Brand is positioned to succeed. We’ll start with an audit of your Digital Marketing Strategy and then we’ll work together to create a Plan of Action.

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