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Ideal Image had 3 locations that needed assistance on scaling their business with generating more leads for their business and getting them into their doors. We generated 376 leads for them in just 1 month!

Reduced The Location's Cost Per Lead by 63%

157% Increase in Leads with the same Ad Budget

73% Increase of Link Clicks to their Website

Their Story

Ideal Image is a leading provider of aesthetic services, offering treatments such as CoolSculpting, Laser Hair Removal, Botox, and Fillers. With multiple locations across the local market, Ideal Image aimed to promote their services, showcase their offers and promotions, and boost their lead volume to attract more customers and increase foot traffic to their centers.

Ideal Image faced the challenge of effectively promoting their services in a competitive local market. They needed to increase their brand visibility and generate leads to drive more customer inquiries and appointments. They also sought to highlight their unique offerings and promotions to stand out in the saturated aesthetic services market.

Our Strategy

To address Ideal Image’s marketing challenges, we implemented a targeted Meta advertising campaign for their locations, leveraging data-driven insights to optimize performance. We conducted thorough audience research and tested multiple audiences across each location to identify the most effective ones. Additionally, we created and tested various ad creatives and ad copy to identify winning combinations. To maximize the campaign’s impact, we allocated budget towards the top-performing combinations, scaling them up to drive better results. This data-driven approach allowed us to continually optimize the campaign and deliver meaningful outcomes for Ideal Image.