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In preparation for their grand opening, we strategically launched Meta ads to generate buzz and excitement for their upcoming locations. By doing so, we ensured that potential customers were primed and ready to experience their classes and sign up for memberships even before the doors were officially open!

1,243 Trials SOLD prior to opening for their Livonia, MI location at only $5.21 per trial on a $6476 budget

631 Trials SOLD prior to opening for their Saskatoon, SK location at only $5.71 per trial on a $3604 budget

Their Story

iLoveKickboxing is a fitness franchise that offers kickboxing-inspired workouts for individuals of all fitness levels. Their workouts are designed to provide a full-body workout that combines cardio, strength training, and martial arts techniques. iLoveKickboxing aims to create a fun and empowering environment for their members, with energetic instructors and a supportive community. They have locations across the United States and internationally, with a growing customer base who are looking for a unique and effective way to stay fit and healthy.

As iLoveKickboxing continued to expand their franchise locations, they faced the challenge of increasing their leads to attract more members to their classes. They needed to develop effective strategies to generate more interest and drive potential customers to their locations.

Our Strategy

For iLoveKickboxing’s locations in Saskatoon, SK and Livonia, MI, we implemented a successful marketing strategy to generate more leads and conversions. For their Saskatoon location, they set up a special promotion of 3 classes and free pink gloves for only $9.99. We developed a stop-motion video to make their creative “thumb-stopping”. This resulted in an impressive conversion rate of 631 paid trials at an incredibly low cost of $5.71 per conversion. Similarly, for their Livonia location, even prior to its opening, they were able to convert 1,243 trials with a cost per purchase of just $5.21. These results showcase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts in attracting potential customers and driving them to sign up for their kickboxing classes.

This allowed their locations to open up and sign up members right from the start!