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Our team at Cloud Gate Media is proud to have worked with Rakuten Insights, a leading online survey platform, to expand their presence in North America. Through our Meta and Google campaign, we were able to deliver outstanding results for the client. In just the first month, our efforts resulted in over 8,800 customer acquisitions. This success continued to grow over the next six months, with our campaign driving over 65,000 acquisitions in total.

Over 65,000 Customers Acquired in the past 6 Months through Meta and Google

Currently averaging over 11,000 Customers acquired per month

Their Story

Rakuten Insights, a renowned online survey platform, had set their sights on expanding their presence in North America. As one of the largest players in the industry, they recognized the untapped potential of the North American market and sought to establish a strong foothold. With their commitment to providing high-quality insights to businesses and organizations, Rakuten Insights aimed to become a go-to choice for market research in the region. With this vision in mind, they partnered with our team at Cloud Gate Media to devise a strategic plan and execute a targeted campaign that would help them achieve their growth objectives in North America.

Our Strategy

At Cloud Gate Media, our strategy for Rakuten Insights was focused on utilizing the advertising capabilities of Meta and Google to drive customer acquisitions to their platform. We conducted extensive audience testing and ad experimentation to identify the most effective combinations that would yield lower Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) results. Through data-driven analysis and continuous optimization, we fine-tuned the campaigns to improve targeting, messaging, and ad performance. Our team utilized a strategic approach that involved constant monitoring and adjustment to ensure that Rakuten Insights’ budget was utilized efficiently and effectively to drive maximum results. By continuously optimizing the campaigns, we were able to achieve lower CPAs, driving more cost-effective customer acquisitions for Rakuten Insights and helping them achieve their growth goals.