Meet Your Customers Where They Are At!

Ever watch the show Mad Men? 

The 1960’s television show romanticizes the early days of advertising in the hub of it all, Madison Avenue. Teams of expert ad men would take weeks or months developing an advertisement to be placed in a magazine, billboard, or better yet, a commercial. If they were dealing with a huge brand like Coca-Cola or Ford, heck, the commercial might even be filmed in color. This was the pinnacle of success in the ad game back then. 

But let me ask you… When was the last time you purchased anything after seeing it in a magazine?



The truth is, we’ve come a long way from the marketing and advertising depicted in Mad Men. 

Digital Marketing has arrived and it’s not going anywhere!

With digital marketing, tracking cookies, retargeting pixels, and mobile device ads that follow your customer’s every move, we have evolved at lightspeed in the advertising game. 

…at least most of us have, anyway!

Think about it.

What is the return on investment for a billboard or magazine advertisement?

How would you even measure something like that accurately? 

Plain and simple, you can’t.

But in the digital marketing age, you know EVERYTHING about your customers and your potential customers. You know the exact return on investment for each advertisement you make. You know the demographics of your audience. You know the time of day they like to engage with you and your business. You know their shopping habits. You are omnipresent.

Most importantly, you are able to meet them where they are at!

69% of people use social media on a daily basis and 80% of the time spent on social media is done on a mobile device.

This means as a business, you need to know where your marketing budget is being spent and how to leverage for maximum efficiency. So don’t get stuck using old age advertisements for new age customers!

Create marketing campaigns and strategies on the platforms that your audience engages with most. With all that the digital advertising space has to offer now, reverting to the old models of advertising is just giving your money and market share to your competition!

Let’s say your audience likes to engage with your ads, but only on Instagram after 5pm. You know this by analyzing your data. You now know when and where to shift your ad targeting. You are meeting them where they are at and the return on investment for your ads will skyrocket.

This is the power and precision of digital marketing.


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