Shocking Social Media Stats Every Good Marketer Should Know

Whether you’re a small mom & pop shop or a giant corporate machine, most modern day businesses understand the catastrophic impact of social media marketing on sales. With more than 1.5 billion daily active users, to ignore Facebook as a marketing channel would cut off one of the most profitable revenue stream opportunities for any business. 

The bottom line? Facebook accounts for over 51% of the total digital advertising spend in the United States.  There are many reasons for Facebook’s steady & impressive increase of advertising revenue every year for the past decade. 

Facebook knows nearly everything about their users and keep detailed records on your preferences. If you want a good scare, check out the data Facebook has stored about you by going to your settings and download your “Facebook Data Archive.” 

Because Facebook is one of the largest data mining companies in the world, it’s the ideal place to reach your target audience. With every users Facebook Data saved in the archive, locating targeted and qualified buyers has never been easier or more precise. It’s no wonder 78% of American consumers say they discovered products on Facebook!

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