You Can Now Buy Directly Off Facebook? (2020 Update)

Facebook is currently beta testing an ‘in-app checkout feature’ for Facebook News Feed ads. Now, if you’re not lucky enough to test out the new features, here’s everything you need to know…

Facebook recently announced that it is testing two new ad features. The first is an ‘in-app checkout’ experience for dynamic ads running in the Facebook News Feed. The second tests a new Ads Manager feature that turns organic shopping posts on Instagram into an advertisement.

Here’re what it means…

This new in-app checkout feature now makes it possible for users to discover a product with dynamic ads and purchase the product directly from the ad without ever leaving the Facebook app.          


Studies show that an estimated $200 billion is lost yearly because of abandoned carts and other complications during the checkout phase for online businesses.

A smooth and consolidated checkout process is Facebook’s solution to that money-sucking problem.

If you haven’t experienced this feature yet, don’t worry. Your browser is not broken! Facebook is only beta testing this feature, meaning that it’s only being available to a small subset of advertisers.

The entire experience is very similar to seeing an Amazon sponsored ad. After being shown a product ad, the user clicks the link to be taken to the product description webpage. From there, they can select different styles (if available) and check the price. They can also scroll down to see other popular products that particular vendor has available. 

If users scroll further down, they can see a product rating of up to 5 stars and reviews left by previous customers. 

From there, the user can simply click the ‘Checkout on Facebook’ button and they will be taken to a direct checkout page with payment method, shipping address, and order total will be displayed.

They’ve even integrated the “buy button” within Facebook Messenger to make shopping even simpler.

Easy peasy, right?

The best part is… the user never has to input any information themselves! All the details are pulled directly from their facebook account. This translates to clean, smooth, quick checkouts for Facebook buyers. 

Instagram Ads Made From Organic Posts

The popular Facebook owned platform Instagram is also getting beta tested. Instagram is testing a feature that turns organic shopping posts into Instagram ads.  However, the beta-testing details with Instagram seem to be slightly more cloak-and-dagger than its counterpart. 

However, Instagram did mention that more than, “130 million users are clicking product links every single month to learn more.” So it seems only logical that the next step is testing product ads for the same impact. 

There are currently no updates yet on whether Facebook or Instagram will make these permanent features. But with the seamless consolidation, ease of use, and money-making potential… we wouldn’t be surprised if these new features soon become available to the rest of the market.


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